Group Rules

Welcome Iowa residents to the Johnston Group for buying, selling, and trading goods.

We are a group of ADULTS looking to buy sell trade goods! The men and women in this group are just like yourself; a neighbor with a full garage, a student looking to get rid of last semester's text books, or a momma looking to make an extra dollar off her handmade goods. Whether you are here to buy or sell we are here to build a community of likeminded, honest, and friendly folks. WELCOME!!!

The admins are just like you. Here to buy and sell with a few extra perks-- we don't let anyone post sale videos or links except admins and moderators.

 Though we are here to buy and sell, a few goods are banned by Facebook and as a group we've found others to be a little spammy (check rules for details). At the end of the day, this group is for buying and selling, so please be resepectful and keep opinions and politics on your private pages. Having trouble or seeing a lot of spam? Please use the "report to admin" dropdown at the top right of any post. Do not deal with it yourself or comment, or you may be muted along with the original offender.

 If you need further assistance contact @Buy Sell Trade at OR Group Moderator

Most are NOT admins. We have other businesses who want to post as businesses that have been approved to do so. They appear as group moderators and admins BUT THEY ARE NOT. Please only message Buy Sell Trade or Group Moderator for support, questions and complaints.

If you think you know an admin's personal page DO NOT message them or you may be banned/blocked. Please respect our volunteer's privacy and only message the page.

• No links to other sites or business marketing.
• Sellers are not required to sell in order of interest and may reserve the right to not sell to any other member.
• Lewd comments and harassment will not be tolerated. Price heckling is strictly forbidden.
• Be responsible for your actions. If you setup appointments for purchasing an item or make a deal with another member: bring the correct change and arrive on time.
• Do not misrepresent an item. If item is defective, please note it.
• All items will be considered sold as is. Group administration, friends, & moderators are not responsible for purchases made via this group. It is your responsibility as adults to make responsible purchases & negotiations. It is your responsibility to review item(s) prior to payment for misrepresentation or defects.
• If you have an item shipped to you - it is best to use tracking and Paypal to protect both buyer and seller.
• Group Members should be 18 years or older.
• If you need help message Buy Sell Trade or Group Moderator. DO NOT message our volunteer's personal profiles or tag them or you may be banned/blocked/muted.

You may receive one warning or be banned without notice for disregarding the rules. Any member can flag a post. Posts that disregard group rules will be deleted without notice. If you believe another member is not following the rules or that you have been banned unfairly please contact a group administrator.

• Please keep personal conversations or gossip on your own timeline.
• Do not pretend to be a moderator. Contact an admin. Other group rules are not this group’s rules.
• Item or service details will help buyers make purchase decisions. Helpful (optional) content includes: pricing, images, clothing sizes, brand names, age of item, new or used
• Optional yard sale post tip: Include dates, time range, a picture, examples of items, if you are willing to pre-sell items before the event, contact information, event address
• For your safety it is best to meet members in a public setting and/or with a friend. Let someone else know where you are going and receive contact information prior to the meet up.

 Please note that group rules & policies may be updated at any time without notice. Group admins do their best to alert you to policy & rule changes but it is in your best interest to check here for updates.

All Facebook rules apply.