CRM: The Heart of Your Business Data

04.03.21 01:26 PM Comment(s) By Desarae Veit

Customize What Data You Track for a Personalized Touch

Know the whole story with context from every interaction 

Whether it's emails, calls, or online chats—every interaction carries information that is essential for the next conversation. All the data necessary to make your sale is stored under each contact's record, letting you pick up the conversation where you left off, no matter how long it's been. You can also use Advanced Filters to pick out contacts using your conversations, such as contacts who have recently emailed you, or chats that you missed.

Example for a retail company you may want to track:

Clothing sizes

Style preferences

Email interactions with each consumer

Social Media likes from a particular consumer


Social Media comments

Lack of interaction

Holidays, anniversaries and birthdays

Text messages

Support calls and problems


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