How to Make an Adaptive Design in Zoho Sites
How to create an adaptive design that looks different on a desktop computer versus a mobile phone or tablet using Zoho Sites.
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CRM: The Heart of Your Business Data

Know the whole story with context from every interaction 

Whether it's emails, calls, or online chats—every interaction carries information that is essential for the next conversation. All the data necessary to make your sale is stored under each contact's record, letting you pick up the convers...

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The image size is 1200 x 628  but is using a 19:1 ratio so utilize 1920 x 1005px

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How to Optimize Facebook Videos to Boost Sales
How to optimize Facebook Videos to boost sales. A few tips, tricks, and a tutorial.
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Tips for Creating Shareable Social Media Content

Content creation is a vital element in contemporary marketing strategies. However, while nearly 90% of all companies engage in content marketing on some level, few manage to produce contagious content that Internet users share. Without this level of engagement, content can hardly fulfill i...