About aCo Digital (also known as Agency Couture)

aCo stands for a Co-mpany helping brands grow. 

aCo is also easier to remember than our legal company name (Agency Couture). 

If you think about it, aCo is also just an acronym for Agency Couture. 

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HELLO BUSINESS OWNERS… I am Desarae, owner of aCo Digital and I am so very happy to introduce aCo Digital to you! I see a huge need for technology help in any business, but especially for the boutique industry and farmers.  I am passionate about helping small businesses, like yours. 

 I know you're busy. I see it all the time with my current clients and in Facebook Groups as a business owner you are wearing so many hats! I am here to help you take off a few hats so that you can focus on the the things that matter to you… like family and fashion/shopping/your farm/crafting/whyever-you-got-into-business for. 

I already work with some amazing boutiques / farmers / wholesalers / influencers / ad agencies and I have a passion to help businesses grow.  Below I'll tell you a bit more about our brand and services. Sorry in advance for the industry jargon, I love what I do and sometimes forget other people may not be familiar with the lingo... on the upside, when we work together, it'll be easier to pickup the terminology and google details if you know the right words.

What does aCo Digital Do?

Great Question! We Help brands grow. aCo Digital works closely with retail companies to optimize their business and marketing strategy. Every new entrepreneur is pulled in a bunch of directions, wants growth, and can benefit from automation of tedious tasks. 

aCo Digital helps businesses grow through:

  • Strategic planning 
  • Documenting Processes
  • Team training
  • Helping you focus on the right goals/tasks (like a personal trainer for business)
  • A toolset that is hyper-customized  for retail 
  • Taking technical implementation and other things off your plate 
  • Automating tedious tasks

What is Our Mission?

aCo Digital strategically partners with companies who want to grow and helps business leaders by implementing the technical pieces: a website, user experience (UX) research/architecture, implementing a marketing plan, brand positioning, video release strategy and optimization, social media strategy/optimization, sms and email marketing funnels. It’s not a one-size-fits all model but a holistic plan that pivots as needed to improve sales, design, save money, build engagement, and give busy leaders (like you) back valuable time to focus on family and the parts of the business that YOU love. 

​What is Strategic Planning?

  • Define your brand proposition
  • Style / Brand Guidelines
  • Tone of voice (content strategy)
  • Marketing processes

Will you just build me a website?

Our team does do corporate contract work for $75-175/hour or checkout our pricing page for other packages!. Our mission is to grow with you.  

What is a

Digital Advisory Contract?

aCo Digital works on contract within strategic partnerships with retail brands, wholesalers, influencers, and boutiques to help businesses grow. 

How does aCo Digital

Help Companies Grow?

Growth comes in many forms: team building, getting your time back, financial gains, and design / content cohesiveness (having a professionally positioned brand).

Contact us for additional details.

What if I'm not ready?

What Can You Help Me With?

We are  Shopify, Meta (Facebook) & Godaddy partners as well as a Google service provider. So just message our team on Facebook anytime! If you're not ready to partner with us we'd love to be your go-to for website and social media help. It's an awesome resource for boutique owners, brands, and service providers to learn and develop. They do a lot of things we don't like: events, trainings, and advertising with strategic partners. 

  Can I afford this?


When you become a digital advisory client we will do a marketing and profit audit; evaluate your average monthly gross revenue over the last 24 months to choose a goal monthly revenue and set goals. Any month YOU (our customers) hit that goal number we earn an incentive percentage. This incentive percentage is our return on investment in you.  It's our proof of commitment that we will work hard to reach our mutual goals because we're financially invested in our client's growth, not just building another website and walking away. We are here to help! I invest in you, look at me as a growth partner in your business! 

Other terms of service and conditions apply. aCo Digital requires written signed contracts to collaborate ongoing. All contracts include a monthly retainer. 

Contact us for additional details.

Who is the Owner?

That’s ME!! I am Desarae Harmon a mom of a baby princess! I am a UX architect. My company, aCo Digital (aka Agency Couture), has been in business for over 10 years. I have been in Design/Marketing/IT for over 17 years with multiple degrees and certifications in design, UX, development, and SEO.. more details at LinkedIn.com/in/desarae 
• Shopify Partner 
• Bachelor in Design 
• Associates in Science 
• Doctoral Candidate in HCI at ISU 
• GoDaddy Partner 

a Co-mpany helping brands grow strategically through design, marketing, optimization, data analytics and automation.