aCo Digital offers Digital Advisory services to Boutiques and Farmers. 

Our mission is to help grow sustainable businesses.

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aCo stands for a Co-mpany helping brands grow.  aCo is also easier to remember than our legal company name (Agency Couture).  If you think about it, aCo is also just an acronym for Agency Couture. 

What do we do? We Help brands grow. aCo Digital works closely with retail companies to optimize their business and marketing strategy. Every new entrepreneur is pulled in a bunch of directions, wants growth, and can benefit from automation of tedious tasks. 

aCo Digital helps businesses grow through:

We offer 3 service packages and some services ala carte. Our three main service packages are Digital Advisory, Content Management, and Virtual Assistance.  Each package requires our toolset, which may be purchased separately.

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We include website design, audit, setup, and strategy with our digital advisory retainer. 

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Email Campaigns

You write the content or hire us to do content for you. We offer content management packages for email marketing or ala carte services. Automation is included with digital advisory. 

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Automation allows you to send out targeted messages based on segmented data. Instead of mass-general-blasting your customers, create dynamic messaging that is targeted based on style preferences and sizing (as an example).  This service is included with our digital advisory retainer or may be purchased ala carte. 

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) templates are included with our digital advisory retainer. We also offer this service ala carte. We do not currently help with PR or backlinks. 

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SMS Campaigns

Send text message campaigns or promotional messages to your customers, easily. Our boutique, wholesale, and retail clients use SMS marketing to communicate updates, meeting reminders, time-sensitive offers, and live shopping events. Our integrated CRM, allows you to segment data and automate messaging to your customers. And our mobile-app makes bulk messaging a breeze.

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Social Media

Content created in advance so that you can pre-approve the messaging is on-brand and fits your story. We'll help you from strategy to content creation and scheduling.

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